In Syria, the radical terrorist organization the Islamic state publicly executed four local players. About the case reported, citing the accounts of jihadists in social networks, British newspaper the Daily Mail.

Together with athletes militants have beheaded another man, which is now not known.

In “a warning” bloody execution took place in the presence of many children. The incident occurred in the Syrian ISIS stronghold city of raqqa.

The terrorists accused the athletes of the most popular in the area of team al-Shabab that they allegedly collected intelligence for the fighters of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK) – the main opponents of the extremists in the North of Syria. Also fighters have traditionally blamed the evil in that football supposedly “UN-Islamic”.

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After the execution of terrorists have posted pictures on the social network. The images show how children view the bodies of the victims.

In 2015, ago, the is militants in Iraq’s Mosul from machine guns shot 13 teenagers who watched a football match.

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In Syria, the jihadists executed players in front of the children – media 11.07.2016

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