In Ternopol, for the first time received a passport 35-year-old man whose mother of 18 were not allowed out of the apartment. About it reports UNIAN with reference to the management of the state migration service in Ternopil region.

The man came to the division of the migration service of Ternopil employees of city center of social services for family, children and youth.

As reported by the migration service, 18 years, was confined to the apartment of her own mother.

Unknown to them the man was seen by neighbours when the woman died in early October. They reported the stranger to the police and social services.

Social workers, who came to the apartment with police officers, found that after the son of a school mother, who worked as a teacher, never let him out of the house. As a result, he became completely antisocial.

The man was almost unable to take care of themselves – prepare food only from existing stocks of the products. Most of the time he works with a computer.

“Knows English, some knowledge of computer programs, says he moonlights as a copywriter. But he is far from the real world”, – said the expert in social work Galina Chirskaya.

It turned out that he doesn’t know how to make purchases in store, how to use public transport, not versed in the names of streets, does not know how to pay utility bills and all that to do it. Now in this he was assisted by employees of city center of social services.

He made a passport to rewrite on a flat, to renew agreements with utility agencies to issue grants.

It turned out that the man’s mother to all friends and neighbors reported that he is working abroad.

Today in Kiev, a 32-year-old man committed suicide by jumping from the window of the chamber on the ninth floor of the hospital.

In Ternopil, the mother of 18 were not allowed out of the apartment of his son 16.12.2016

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