Officers of the Royal Thai police received an unusual assignment: they were seconded to the East of the country to conduct special operations to expel evil spirits. It is reported Bi-bi-si.

The reason was the appeal to the authorities of the villagers in the province Home: farmers claim that the evil Ghost in a woman’s appearance over the last several months leads to terror.

The stories of the villagers, an evil spirit called Phi POB killed four cows and sent disease on four border guards.

Village elders appealed to the Central authorities with a request to send the police to “strengthen the civic spirit and the trust of the people and to prevent panic.”

Arriving police have begun to patrol the streets in the village.

Phi POB – one of the most famous characters in Thai mythology, appearing in many movies and TV shows. It is believed that he has the ability to establish power over people and wreak havoc.

The local police chief Adul Capacityto says that most people believe in the existence of the spirit of the Phi POB. Constantly there are new scary stories associated with his antics.

In 2016 three of the villagers, which supposedly possessed by an evil spirit, under the threat of violence forced his family and neighbors to strip naked.

Phi POB – is not the only Ghost in Thailand, whose residents are known for their superstitions.

As writes the Thai newspaper “the Samui times”, the country is home to at least 20 spirits, although not all of them are considered evil.

To apply a harmless spirit pang hang it “appears as a black monkey that lives in the jungles near the salt lakes and sucking sleeping people big toe”.

But Beauty, on the contrary, in Thailand is considered the most terrifying Ghost. According to beliefs, it is in the form of a beautiful woman is fascinating and the victim. According to “the Samui times,” beauty “goes in a long billowing dress to hide her lack of a body, is the intestine and other internal organs not connected to the head.”

Another famous Thai Ghost Nang NAK – also appears in the image of women. It and fear, and worship, often make offerings to him to appease.

In Thailand, the police sent to expel the evil spirit from the village 29.06.2017

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