The naval forces of Argentina said that near the place where last week disappeared to the Argentine submarine with 44 people on Board, was a blast. This is the BBC.

According to the report, the South Atlantic recorded “anomalous, single, short, destructive, non-nuclear event”.

On Thursday, the helicopter, the US Navy found the object near the place from which you last received a signal from the boat. However, it could not accurately identify.

Communication with the submarine, built at the shipyards in Germany, went missing on November 15 in the Atlantic ocean during its transition from the naval base of Ushuaia in the South to home in Mar del Plata, 400 km South from Buenos Aires.

On 17 November it was reported that on Board there were 44 persons.

Involved in the rescue mission 10 Argentine military ships, the polar ship from the UK, as well as three American aircraft. The help was offered also in Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and South Africa.

In the area of the disappearance of the Argentine submarine explosion 24.11.2017

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