The Prosecutor General’s office has prepared a suspected agent of NABOO, provoking to bribe an official in the Migration service, which “is not exactly an angel.” This was at the briefing said the head of the PGO Yuriy Lutsenko.

“During the nearly two-month monitoring of safe house agent NABOO (and we initially did not know that the agent NABS)… listened to all operational meetings, which were reduced to one: how to make so that she still called the number. The issue was discussed whether to drink with her wine and something stronger. Discussed the issue – and let me get caught on drugs, and her sister works for the police, it is my money released. Discussed issues of intimate and others… It’s immoral and illegal actions”, – said the Prosecutor General.

Therefore, said Lutsenko, he believes prepared reasonable suspicion “about provocations bribes and bribery”. According to him, the agent NABOO testified “all night long” and the interrogation continues.

“If the law enforcement officer obviously offers official to sign a criminal decision is a provocation to bribery. Therefore, the Prosecutor General, upon application from the official GMS at the end of October, listened to the agent action NABOO, which is actually, offering to solve the illegal issue of the passport of the citizen of Iran first, then Vietnam, which did not have any legal justification, conducted business, like bribery and provocation of a bribe”, – he said.

Elaborating on the request of journalists, had still Pimanova a bribe for passport production, and Lutsenko recalled that there were three attempts to bribe her. “The high official of the GMR is not exactly an angel, and in her conversations there are signs of corruption. I am sure that the result of the NABOO needs to give this assessment, and it has a specific legal term,” he concluded.

Also the head of the GPU noted that two top officials of NABOO, who coordinated the operation, December 4, will arrive for questioning.

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Yesterday, November 29, 2017, the SMS stated that he was arrested “agent NABS suspected attempt to bribe the” first Deputy head of the HMS Dean Emahool. NABOO called the charges untrue. Pimanova said that not demanded a bribe, and told how he met with the “agent of NABOO”.

At a meeting with Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, leaders of SAP and NEB promised to assist the GPU in the investigation and now expect “the same adequate response” from the Prosecutor General.

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In the case of a GMR official: Lutsenko prepared suspicion employee NABOO 30.11.2017

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