In Crimea detained is assigned to “Ukrainian saboteurs” Andrew Sachau and Evgeny Panov lawyers. It is reported by the journalist of Radio Liberty Anton NumLock in Facebook.

According to Naumiuk, 17 Nov lawyer Panova Olga Polosovoi was charged under part 4 of article 291.1 of the criminal code (intermediation in bribery) for the transfer of one million rubles from their clients the security forces. Now Pomozova located in the Simferopol SIZO. With her were detained lawyer Sahaja Oksana Akulenko, she is under house arrest, the investigative actions in her regard are continuing.

The journalist notes that the lawyer Akulenko, knowing the signs of torture on the body of Andrew Sahaja, “nowhere to turn on this occasion did not, and signed the minutes of interrogation with the testimony forced from Sahaja current.” The same behavior demonstrated against Panova, whose testimony is also knocked out under torture, lawyer Pomozova.

August 11, 2016, it was reported that Eugene gentry, which the FSB was accused of “subversive activities” in the territory of the Crimea, was kidnapped in the Zaporozhye region and exported to the Peninsula. The occupiers issued a statement that Crimea allegedly prevented “a number of terrorist attacks Ukrainian saboteurs”. According to the Ukrainian intelligence, in the Crimea there was a firefight between the FSB and the Russian military. This situation is the Russian government trying to pass off as sabotage of Ukraine. The EU and NATO said that Moscow failed to provide evidence against Ukraine.

16 November 2017 in the temporarily occupied Crimea, “the court” sentenced the defendant in the “case of the Ukrainian saboteurs” Dmitry Sterlikova to five years of strict regime colony and a fine of 200 thousand rubles.

Russia has occupied the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in 2014 year. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine officially declared on 20 February 2014 beginning of the temporary occupation of Crimea and Sevastopol by Russia. Key international organizations, including the UN General Assembly has condemned Russia’s actions and called the annexation and occupation of Crimea illegal. Against Russia were imposed economic sanctions. For the implementation by Moscow of the so-called elections with the participation of the Crimea in 2016-m to year the Parliament of Ukraine recognized the Russian state Duma is illegitimate.

In the Crimea detained the lawyers for “Ukrainian saboteurs” 19.11.2017

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