In the first round of presidential elections of Moldova, the leader of the Pro-Russian Party of socialists of Moldova Igor Dodon. This is according to the vote count, the CEC of Moldova, according to the

According to calculation of 86,7% of the votes counted, Igor Dodon, who held the post of economy Minister in the government of Communists from 2006 to 2009, gaining a 49.9 per cent. Its main rival, the Minister of education in 2012-2015, Maia Sandu, a supporter of European integration, gaining 36.8% of the vote. Another Pro-Russian candidate, journalist Dmitry Chubashenko received 5.7% and former Prime Minister Yuri Leanca and 3.3%, and a supporter of the unification of Moldova with Romania Mihai Ghimpu is 1.9%.

Before the election in an interview, said he called the occupied Crimea “Russian”.

The turnout for the first 20 years of popular election of the President amounted to 48,95% – about 1.4 of the 2.8 million voters. Most actively voted the capital Chisinau is 58.4%, the lowest activity was zaregistrovana in the district Cantemir and autonomy of Gagauzia in southern Moldova -40%. Occupied by separatists in Transnistria elections were not held. On foreign stations voted tens of thousands of Moldovan citizens, while the turnout Moldovans living in Italy, Germany and France were higher than the voter turnout in Moscow, where the site came only 4.5 thousand people.

In the elections of the President of Moldova is the leader of the Pro-Russian candidate 31.10.2016

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