In the West of Sweden in the video took the appearance of a rare white moose. About this case, writes local newspaper the Lоcal.

“Hans Nilsson spent three years trying to detect the elusive white moose near the city ed. Last week he was lucky that he crossed paths on the trail with Ghost herbivores, and two days”, – reported in the publication.

In the video, the moose coming to the stream, shakes, and chews the greens.

In Sweden there are about 400 thousand elk, most of which are traditional color, and only about 100 individuals – white. Some of them are albinism (lack of melanin pigment), but bolshintsvo white animals have a recessive gene that “programs” the growth is predominantly white fur with brown.

According to National Geographic, the white color supposedly can be a form of natural selection, as stunned by the majestic appearance of the animal, the hunters prefer not to shoot him, thereby increasing their population. The elk in Sweden has no natural enemies except people.

“Moose are color – blind,” summed up in the article.

Video: The Local

In the forests of Sweden saw a rare white moose – video 16.08.2017

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