Dutch citizen sentenced to two years in prison for support of terrorism due to the fact that he went to Syria and Iraq to join her husband, who fought on the side of the militants of the Islamic state (IG). It is reported by The Associated Press.

It is reported that 22-year-old Laura Hansen in September 2015 went with my husband and two young children to the territory controlled by the militants.

About it it became known in July 2016, when she surrendered to Kurdish Peshmerga fighters near the Iraqi city of Mosul, saying that she was trying to escape from the “hell in which she lived all this time.”

The report said that the court in Rotterdam ruled that Hansen was aware that accompanied her husband on the territory of the Islamists, and its support is seen as preparation for terrorist acts. However, the accusation that she is a member of the terrorist group, the court acquitted her.

The girl is already a year spent in prison. The court sentenced her to two years imprisonment, of which 13 months of probation, and given time in jail, she was released. The prosecution demanded her to 35 months in prison.

It is noted that such a sentence – the first in the history of the Netherlands. The prosecution demanded her to 35 months in prison.

It is also reported that the Main intelligence Agency of the Netherlands notes that about 280 citizens went to Syria and Iraq to fight on the side of ISIS, and about 50 returned to the Netherlands where they are considered a serious threat to national security.

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In the Netherlands for the first time received a prison sentence, the wife of the gunman of the IG 14.11.2017

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