The winner of Eurovision-2016, Ukrainian singer Jamal in the new video for “Miss you” dancing on the edge of the cliff.

“We had an incredible video. I am grateful to Igor Stekolenko (Director – ed.) for the original idea, that he did not film the lyrics. Video of what a creative person can not do. Whether close to the audience, my character sings from dusk until dawn, dancing, is in search of. Her overflowing creativity,” said Jamal in Facebook.

According to her, from a musical point of view, the single “Miss you” is an important and innovative experiment. “Wanted to keep alive the spark and emotion in the songs. I’m a bit tired from being surrounded by a lot of similar music. All use the same samples, music libraries, all have the same sound,” said Jamal.

She said that the peculiarity of the song was that the band first heard her demo tape in the Studio.

“We started to create arrangements almost immediately after the first listen. Not jammed the song to the holes, as sometimes happens, in search of the right sound,” – said Jamal.

The singer added that the song, as often happens, a reflection of its internal state in the current period.

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In the new clip Jamal danced on the edge of the cliff: video 07.09.2017

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