In UN offices around the world are thriving sexual harassment and violence, whose perpetrators remain unpunished. About it writes The Guardian.

According to the report, dozens of current and former employees of the UN say about the culture of silence in organizations directed against the victims of harassment.

15 the interviewed employees stated that they had experienced verbal sexual harassment or violence in the last five years. Seven women made formal accusations, after which some of them were forced to leave their positions.

“If you report it, your career is likely over, especially if you’re a consultant”, – said the counselor, who said the harassment by supervisor during the work the World food programme.

One of the women claims that she was raped by a senior UN official. According to her, despite the medical evidence and testimony, internal UN investigation did not reveal sufficient evidence to support her assertions. According to the woman, as a result, she lost her job and spent several months in the hospital due to stress and injuries.

The UN has recognized that the underestimation of the problem of sexual harassment in organizations is a challenge, but assured that the Secretary General, antónio Guterres “pays priority attention to combating sexual harassment and supports a zero-tolerance policy”.

Famous fashion photographers Mario Testino and Bruce Weber was accused of sexual harassment to men who worked as models and assistants.

In the offices of the UN are thriving sexual harassment – the Guardian 18.01.2018

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