The Philippine army after five months of struggle freed from the terrorists of the Islamic state of Marawi city in Mindanao. This was announced by the Minister of defense of the Philippines Delfin of Lorenzana, reports his press-service.

It is reported that government troops eliminated the Islamists in the last Bastion of ISIS in the Central districts of the city of Marawi. The military noted that hundreds of militants have been killed in street fighting. In connection with the defeat of the terrorists of the Ministry of defense declared the end of anti-terrorist operation in Marawi.

Reuters writes that despite the official end of the fighting, the city is still heard explosions and shooting. They also said that in the last two buildings, liberated from terrorists, there were about 40 fighters.

“In the city are still few surviving militants. They now roam the city. If we see them or if they attack our forces, we will destroy them”, – said Deputy commander of operations Romeo Brawner.

The battles with Islamists in the city of Marawi, in which mainly Muslims live, lasted over five months (154 days). The terrorists of ISIS took control of in may 2017.

According to the defense Ministry of the Philippines, during the operation killed 165 military and 45 civilians Killed, almost thousand fighters. More than 300 thousand people became displaced refugees.

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In the Philippines ended a 5-month fight for the last stronghold of ISIS 24.10.2017

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