Aerospace Agency of the USA stated that it discovered last month an asteroid 1I/U1 2017 came from outside the Solar system. This is the first discovered interstellar object passing through our planetary system, according to NASA.

Space object that flies through space at a speed less than 100 km/s relative to the Sun, received the more euphonious name “Omului”, which translated from Hawaiian means “guest”.

Astronomers argue that the speed and trajectory of the asteroid suggests that it is millions of years traveled through our Galaxy. According to NASA, the object has an abnormal elongated shape with a length of about 400 m and about 40 m in diameter.

As noted by the discoverers Omwamwi, its surface has a reddish hue, however, absorbs almost 96% of the sunlight. Perhaps, they note, the object of stone and interspersed with metal.

Now the distance from the Earth to the object is about 200 million km.

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In the Solar system arrived interstellar asteroid-Outlander: video 21.11.2017

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