On the website of the British Parliament, serving official request for consideration by the deputies and the government published the text of the new petition, which calls to ban the President of Donald Trump entering the country in the framework of the state visit, when the foreign head of state the Queen is accepted, transmits Bi-bi-si.

As justification for such a ban, the authors of the petition indicate that the misogynistic views of trump and his vulgar behavior, which, in their opinion, rule out the possibility of the reception of the 45th US President Queen Elizabeth or Prince of Wales. In the text of the appeal reads that this procedure could put the Queen in an awkward position.

At the same time, the petition does not preclude the arrival of Donald trump in Britain in the ordinary course of the working visit, no meeting with members of the Royal family.

Under existing rules, if a petition signed by over 10 thousand people, the government is obliged to publish its official reaction to it. If the petition gathers more than 100 thousand signatures, the Parliament may open a debate on the sensitive issue.

To date, only a few hours after the publication of the text – the number of votes cast for the petition has already exceeded 80 thousand.

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In the UK, launched a petition against the admission of the trump Queen 29.01.2017

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