American intelligence and Strategic command of the U.S. Department of defense are working on a report assessing the possible damage to economy of Russia and China in a nuclear attack on specific targets in these countries. This is with reference to its sources in Washington says the Agency Bloomberg.

The report must be the coordinates of the location and description of land and fortified underground facilities that ensure the safety of the leadership of Russia and China, as well as the deployment of their operational headquarters, is intended for the period of crises and wars.

The report requested the U.S. Congress representatives of both major parties of the country, and a request for an analysis of the effects of a nuclear strike on Russia and China was aimed at “think tanks” of the Pentagon and intelligence during the administration of the 44th President Barack Obama.

According to the source, the military and the experts were asked to identify “survival” of the leadership of both States, as well as the ability to save them from management functions and necessary to counter the control of the situation. Concerned about the increasing military-political activity of Beijing in the South China sea and the expansion of the Moscow establishment in the United States was interested, whether it violated the principle of continuity in the execution of state programs of the power vertical of Putin and Jinping.

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At the same time in another part of the report that gets on the table and also US President Donald trump, the experts will have to tell about the same sphere, only on the American side: are you ready in the event of nuclear war shelters for the leadership and what is the scheme of action in case of such developments.

“Russia and China have made considerable efforts and invested considerable resources to understand how we can act, including knowledge about how to prevent communication guide. We shouldn’t ignore the gaps in understanding the capabilities of the enemy”, – said the initiators of the request of the Congress to the Pentagon.

According to the authors, Washington should maintain a long-standing U.S. strategy, which involves: the leaders of potentially hostile States bezvyigryshnaja understand the situation, but because nuclear war does not begin.

“The program of deterrence implies that the missiles strategic defense should be able to penetrate the fortified bunkers in the mountains from any angle of attack,” – said the Pentagon.

Trump had previously announced a large-scale modernization of the nuclear shield of the United States, and ordered Minister of defense James Mattis “to initiate a review of the status of the system.”

In the United States about the chances of Putin in a nuclear strike on Russia – Bloomberg 30.01.2017

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