U.S. secret service questioned the man, who on Saturday, December 23, planted under the door of the house of the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin in the exclusive area of Los Angeles a box of manure in a Christmas package. About it reports TV channel ABC News.

The report said that representatives of the Secret service contacted the local police who found a suspicious package. To validate the contents of the police had to cordon off some streets and summon a bomb squad.

It is noted that the parcel, in addition to horse manure, there was also a note, the contents of which was not disclosed. On the box was written: “From the American people.” Mnuchin in this moment was not at home.

It is also reported that the press Secretary of the US Secret service Cody Starken confirmed information about the interrogation of the sender.

Fox News reports that the sender is a resident of Los Angeles Robert strong, who works as a psychologist. He confessed to the crime and called his action “an act of political theater.”

In the autumn the Minister of Finance of the USA was in the center of a scandal after it became known about his skating on a government plane with his young wife during a solar Eclipse. It was also reported that he wanted to go on a wedding trip by plane to the U.S. air force.

On 30 October, the Minister of health and social services, Thomas Pryce resigned after a scandal with embezzlement from the state budget for its Charter flights.

In the United States questioned the sender of the box of manure to the Minister of Finance 26.12.2017

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