The staff and volunteers at the American Museum of natural history and culture named Burke discovered a complete skull of Tyrannosaurus during archaeological excavations in the North of Montana. This was reported on the official website of the Museum, which is located in Seattle, Washington.

In addition to the skull, weighing more than one ton, discovered teeth, ribs, vertebrae, thigh bones and jaws of a dinosaur. The age of the fossils – 66,3 million years.

According to paleontologists, T. Rex lived 67-65 million years ago. Famous of these predators were made by the Director Steven Spielberg in his film “Jurassic Park”.


Discovered tyrannosaur called Tufts-Love Rex named volunteers Jason Lavas and tufts of the Hatch, stumbled on fossils.

In the US, discovered a complete skull of a tyrannosaur 20.08.2016

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