The U.S. justice Department ordered the company RIA Global LLC, which is engaged in the production of content for the international Agency and radio Sputnik, sign up in USA as a foreign agent. This was stated by the press service of the Russian propaganda online RIA Novosti, referring to the available official notification of the US authorities.

To comply with the requirements at RIA Global is 13 days.

Chief editor of “Russia today” and RT Margarita Simonyan said in comments: “Thank you, though not spotted in the work of RIA Global signs of racism and harrasment. I think, and it’s not far off.”

In the document of the US justice Department alleges that the company engaged in “political activities in the United States in the interests of the International information Agency “Russia today”.

The us authorities claim that after the re-RIA Global, they will be able to continue working, but every broadcast will be accompanied by a notification of the status of a foreign agent.

Infographics: Agency Deutsche Welle

RIA Global LLC is an American company that employs American journalists, preparing news stories and radio programmes for an international Agency and radio Sputnik. Previously, the U.S. has put on record as inherent Russian state TV channel RT. In response Russia passed its own act and registered as a foreign agent already recognized as such a number of media associated with the “Voice of America” and “Radio Liberty”.

14 Nov 2017 RT America was in the United States as a foreign agent. Chief editor of the channel Margarita Simonyan called this status “stigma”.

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In the US ordered the “Russia today” to mark yourself as inherent 10.01.2018

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