The collapse of the Caliphate of the terrorist network Islamic state in Iraq and Syria did not affect the ability of jihadists to recruit new militants, who later carry out terrorist attacks in the West. This was at a meeting of the U.S. Senate Committee on homeland security was told by the specialists in the fight against terrorism, writes Reuters.

Over the last two years in the IG and increased “external operation”, which resulted in at least 20 attacks, both physical and against “Western interests” in the network.

“Unfortunately, we do not see that the loss of territory the jihadists have reduced their ability to inspire the attack,” said acting Director of intelligence at the National counterterrorism center Laura Shiao.

Mark Mitchell, Advisor to the head of the Pentagon, emphasized that physically eliminate the “Caliphate” is not enough in order to stop the existence of the network itself ISIS or its ideology. Loss jihadists territories in the middle East means that they are now more to lean on “network terrorism” and a greater emphasis is to recruit “lone wolf” terrorist attacks.

“It’s a new Caliphate in cyberspace”, – summed up the head of the Senate Committee on national security, Ron Johnson.

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In July 2016 the main specialist in the field of combating terrorist propaganda in the United States, Richard Stengel, said that the spread of the propaganda of ISIS in network “virtually suspended”, but the idea of the “Caliphate” continues to resonate among disaffected, angry and mentally unstable Muslims.

Around the same time the coordinator of the EU counter-terrorism Gilles de Kerchove warned that the terrorists of ISIS can create a virtual “Caliphate” after the defeat in the real world in the middle East.

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In the us Senate called the new threat from ISIS – “now” 07.12.2017

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