Couple in city Perris of the state California was forcibly held in captivity for 13 their children. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

Yesterday, January 15, police arrested 57-year-old David Allen Turpin and 49-year-old Louise Anne Turpin.

In the office of the Sheriff riverside County reported that the couple could not immediately be called a “logical reason” for their actions.

Police arrived on the scene found the children in the dark and unsanitary conditions, while some of them were chained to their beds.

“Because they were all extremely malnourished, the police first decided that all the brothers and sisters of minors. Later it turned out that among the prisoners, aged from 2 to 29 years, only six children and seven others were adults,” the report says.

Released from the imprisonment of our brothers and sisters Turpin fed and sent to the hospital.

Not yet reported how much time they spent in captivity. According to local TV station KTLA, in the house of Terpinol was registered “private school” with an enrollment of six students, and the Director was listed as the father.

A neighbor said no one knew about what was happening in their house.

Police are investigating to spouses Turpin. They were charged with torture and measures that put the lives of children in danger. Terpene arrested, bail is set at $ 9 million.

October 27, the police of Kiev tracked down the mother who left 9-month-old baby at the entrance to the subway station and went to drink. Baby on the steps of the passers-by noticed and brought to the police Department at the station Kiev-Passenger.

In the US spouses arrested, held in prison for 13 children 16.01.2018

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