Fifteen-year-old American Patrick Pons has set a new world record for solving Rubik’s cube. To solve the puzzle, the teenager has spent a total of 4.69 seconds, according to Daily Mail.

Pons has set a record on Saturday, September 2, at competitions in the U.S. state of Virginia. It is noted that the Assembly of the cube, he spent just 0.04 seconds less than the previous record holder, Australian Felix Zemdegs (4,73 seconds).

In a video released Pons first few seconds studying the cube, and then lightning, 17 steps solves the puzzle.

The publication notes that over the past 20 years-record time of Assembly of the Rubik’s cube fell sharply. For example, in 2003 it was 16.7 seconds.

In February 2016 computer system Sub1, designed by American engineer Adam Birom, gathered Rubik’s cube in 0,887 seconds.

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Video: YouTube / Patrick Ponce

In the USA the teenager broke the record for solving Rubik’s cube: video 05.09.2017

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