Turkey lifted a ban on the wearing by women police officers a Muslim headscarf on duty. This is the BBC.

Starting from August 27 women serving in the Turkish police, will be able to wear the hijab under beret or cap. The main condition – the scarf should be of the same color, and shaped headdress. The patterns and other decorations are not allowed.

The Turkish media that stand in official positions, called permission for the wearing of the hijab as an extension of democracy in society.

Critics of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accusing him of undermining the secular foundations of the country. At the initiative of Erdogan’s Muslim headscarves were allowed civil servants in 2013. Supporters of the wearing of Muslim clothing in the police refer to foreign experience.

This week police Scotland has allowed women professing Islam, to wear hijab. This is done in order to attract more Muslim women to serve in law enforcement. The ruling justice and development Turkey has long pushed for the abolition of the ban on headscarves in the police force. Royal canadian mounted police also recently allowed its female employees Muslim headscarves on duty.

August 19, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that women in purdah have little chance to integrate in the country.

In Turkey, women cops were allowed to wear the hijab 27.08.2016

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