A suicide bomber attacked a car bomb at the military training camp in the southern capital of Yemen Aden. On it informs Agency Reuters.

At least 45 people were killed due to terrorist attacks, the number of wounded is yet unknown, the report said the international organization Doctors without borders. According to local media, more than 60 victims were taken to the nearest medical facility.

As reported to Agency a source among Yemeni law enforcement officers, the possible target of the bomber was the school where at Breakfast there were a group of militia loyal to the legitimate President Hadi.

While any of terrorist groupings has not incurred responsibility for explosion, but the “handwriting” is reminiscent of past terrorist acts of the Islamic state in Aden, says the source.

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The armed conflict in Yemen continues for almost two years. On the one hand there are the Shiite Houthi rebels and those loyal to former President Saleh part of the army, and other troops of ousted President Hadi. A coalition of Arab States led by Saudi Arabia was on the side of Hadi and March 2015 carries out air strikes on the Houthis. The coalition supports local movements fighting with the rebels.

Huthis associated with Iran. The rebels demand for Yemen’s Shiite minority Sunnis with equal rights and participation in government.

Part of the territory captured by al-Qaeda and Islamic state who are fighting against the Huthis against government troops.

In Yemen a suicide bomber in a car attacked a military camp, 45 dead 29.08.2016

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