With the fact that the Holodomor of 1932-33 was genocide against the Ukrainian people, said the majority (77%) of the interrogated citizens of Ukraine. This is evidenced by the results of sociological research conducted by the Sociological group Rating.

Do not agree with this statement 13%, undecided – 11% of Ukrainians.

91% of respondents from the Western regions recognize that the Holodomor was an action directed to the special destruction of the Ukrainians as 84% of respondents in the Central region, 65 percent of the residents of the South and 56% of inhabitants of the Eastern regions.

Among the inhabitants of villages a little more (79%) of those who call the famine genocide than among urban residents (76%). Among the respondents whose native language is Ukrainian, supporters of this thesis 85%, whereas among Russian – speaking- 57%.

Called the Holodomor a genocide, 80% of respondents aged 36-50 years, 79% at the age of 18-35 years. Among those who turned 51 years old and more, 72% consider the Holodomor a genocide, and 16% do not.

In terms of the level of education, the number of those who support the thesis of famine-genocide, ranging from 74% to 79% in different categories.

Photo: ratinggroup.ua

The survey was conducted from 20 to 29 September 2017 among the population of Ukraine aged from 18 years through personal formal interview. Of 2,000 respondents were polled. The sample is representative by age, sex, region and type of settlement. The inaccuracy is no more than 2.2%.

According to the survey, 72% of Ukrainians called the Holodomor as genocide, 14% denied it, and the same – 14% – are undecided with the opinion.

Increased the number of Ukrainians recognize the Holodomor as genocide – a survey 20.11.2017

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