In the Kremlin, commenting on the possible delivery of lethal U.S. weapons to the Ukrainian Armed Forces again resorted to anti-Ukrainian rhetoric recalled the “nationalist battalions.” That the purchase of weapons for the armed forces “again unleash the bloodshed”, said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, writes propaganda online RIA Novosti.

According to him, the reaction of the country-the invader of Russia on the possible delivery of lethal weapons to Kiev well-known.

“I guess this once again inflame an already hot heads of the nationalists who seek only to return to power the method of settlement in the Donbass, and absolutely dead-end, and again bloodshed” – going through it.

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The Secretary of Vladimir Putin noted that any official statements from Washington regarding the sale of weapons to Ukraine were not.

“But I want to draw attention to the fact that there were official denials from Washington, the messages of the American press are not true. While the official decision in this regard was not taken”, – said Peskov. recalls that according to the ATO headquarters, 17 December in the Donbass killed three soldiers, a 19th – two yesterday – one fighter ATO.

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13 December 2017, the state Department informed the U.S. Congress about the decision to authorize the commercial supply of weapons to Kiev. That is, the us government sells arms directly to Ukrainian, and allow Ukraine to make purchases from manufacturers in the United States.

This license covers a specific list of arms in the categories of semi-automatic and automatic infantry weapons, which includes including the Barrett M107A1 rifle for snipers, combat shotguns, silencers, flame arresters, optics for military rifles, and more.

“Inflame nationalists”: the Kremlin’s reaction to US arms for the APU 21.12.2017

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