Japan will lift sanctions against Russia in the process of finding a solution to the problem of the Kuril Islands, some of which Tokyo considers Japanese territory. About it in the comments ЛІГА.net said associate Professor of KNU. Shevchenko Viktor Konstantinov.

“Russia was uninterested to go for an agreement with Japan, so do not expect that bargaining over the Kurile Islands will pass to the practical level of the country will negotiate only about the beginning of negotiations”, – said the expert talks between the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe and the head of Russia Vladimir Putin in December.

Konstantinov said that concessions to Japan in the form of waiver of sanctions against Russia will be judged in the country, while Tokyo and is interested in the normalization of relations with Russia amid worsening relations with China. “The Japanese understand that loyalty to the allied obligations to the USA and G7 is important for their own external power. In addition, Abe has gone on negotiations with Russia because of the growing influence of the ruling party of Japan groups associated with nationalist – he wants to reduce it. These groups are dangerous for the Abe, but that they support the sanctions, so the Japanese Prime Minister is unlikely to bring to discussion the question of lifting sanctions, which would cause protests from the right flank,” – said Konstantinov.

In December 2016, the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed that the two countries will conduct joint economic activities on the Kuril Islands. Abe stressed that the imminent signing of a peace Treaty between Russia and Japan should not wait. The main obstacle to the conclusion of a peace Treaty between Japan and Russia remains the outstanding issue of the South Kuril Islands, which Japan calls its Northern territories.

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Japan will lift sanctions against Russia in bargaining on the Kuril Islands – forecast 27.01.2017

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