In Japan the project is approved a record defense budget for the 2018 fiscal year. The army, the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to spend 5.2 trillion yen (about $46 billion), which is 1.3% more than in the previous year, reports Japan Today.

The largest item of expenditure (137 billion yen, or $1.2 billion) – strengthening protection against a potential missile attack of the DPRK. It provides for the procurement of a missile defense system SM-3 Block IIA, is able to intercept ballistic missiles in space, the modernization of anti-missile complexes Patriot and preparation for the construction of two ground-based radar Aegis.

Japan will spend 2.2 billion yen (nearly $20 million) for the acquisition of cruise missiles, medium-range for application in case of a threat of pre-emptive strikes on North Korea.

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These military expenditures are part of the record for the Country of the Rising sun of the draft budget for 2018 in the amount to 97.7 trillion yen (more than $860 billion).

Japan increases defense spending for the sixth consecutive year.

12 December 2017, the US President Donald trump signed the defense budget for the 2018 fiscal year, providing $350 million for Ukraine, including in the form of lethal weapons.

Japan will spend on defense in 2018 a record $46 billion 22.12.2017

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