The militants of the terrorist group Islamic state during a nine-month operations of the Iraqi forces to liberate Mosul brutally executed in the captured city of 740 civilians. This is with reference to the report prepared by the UN mission in Iraq and the office of the organization for human rights, reports the UN news Center.

It is noted that during the battle for the stronghold of ISIS in Iraq, the jihadists had committed “serious and systematic violations of human rights that can be qualified as international crimes,” in particular “were killed and terrorized civilians and destroyed the monuments of culture and religion.”

The materials and testimony based on the report, confirmed that militants kidnapped a civilian, used them as “human shields” during military operations, deliberately fired at residential areas and terrorized those who wanted to leave the city.

The report States that in early November 2016 militants over the loudspeakers announced that residents of areas of Mosul, freed the Iraqi security forces, now become “legitimate targets” because they “are unable to resist” government forces.

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According to the UN, during a military operation were killed in the civil 2520, 1670 more people were injured. Most of the residents of Mosul were killed by attacks by jihadists.

“Another 740 civilians were victims of brutal executions. In areas which were under the control of the IG, was discovered more than 70 mass graves of people”, – stated in the message.

The authors of the report urged the international community, including the UN security Council and the UN Council on human rights, to do everything to ensure that the perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Mosul suffered the deserved punishment.

The Iraqi military, with the support of the coalition led by the United States, liberated Mosul from is militants in July 2017. The actual storming of the capital of the jihadists in Iraq lasted nearly nine months. After grueling fighting in a dense urban environment the destruction suffered large areas of Mosul, killed thousands of civilians and hundreds of military and fled from the war to safer areas of about 1 million inhabitants.

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Jihadists during the battle for Mosul was executed 740 civilians – UN 03.11.2017

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