The national Union of journalists of Ukraine (NUJU) demands from President Petro Poroshenko to give a political assessment to the decision of Shevchenkovsky regional court of Kiev pronounced a sentence against the defendant in the case about murder of the journalist of the newspaper Vesti Vyacheslav Veremiya during the events of Maidan. Wrote about this on his page in Facebook, the Chairman of NSZHU Sergey Tomilenko.

“The national Union of journalists of Ukraine requires of the President, attorney General and ministra of internal Affairs to give political and legal assessment to actions of employees of the MIA and PGO, as well as the decision of the Shevchenko district court in the case of the murder of journalist Vyacheslav Veremey,” – said in a statement.

He acknowledged the verdict “shameful” and announced a “public appeals and appeals.”

“We need a clear political assessment of the court’s decision and the actions of law enforcement agencies, which have provided the court with materials which made it possible shameful verdict,” he said. “If this political signal will not be – it was all in vain,” – said Tomilenko.


Yesterday, December 22, in closed session, the court found Yuri Rat guilty to the murder of the journalist of the newspaper Vesti Vyacheslav Veremiya during the Maidan events and sentenced him to four years in prison with a probation period of two years.

News journalist Vyacheslav Veremey was mortally wounded in the center of Kiev on the night of February 19, 2014, in the midst of a violent confrontation on the Maidan. In the vehicle cab, in which he was travelling, was attacked with bats and weapons. One of the attackers shot Veremiya, from the received wounds he has died in hospital.

According to investigators, the murder of a journalist was carried out by the native of Dagestan Jalal Aliyev, and Krysin participated in his beating.

Journalists Union demands reaction Poroshenko on the court in the case Veremiya 23.12.2017

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