The Prosecutor General’s office has opened a criminal case on illegal privatization of the agriculture Ministry building in Central Kiev. One of the suspects in the case – the acting head of the state property Fund Vitaly Trebarov, according to the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko. What happened and what does the ex-Minister of agrarian policy Mykola Prysiazhniuk – the material

WHO IS TREBAROV. Vitaly Trebarov, 1973 born, graduated from Donetsk state technical University, in 2003-2006 he headed the regional office of FGI of Ukraine in Donetsk region, then worked in the Donetsk regional Council and the district tax office in Donetsk.

In 2010-2015, he served as Deputy and then head of regional office of FGI of Kiev. In 2015-2017, Torubarov was assistant to the head of the state property Fund, then the chief specialist of Department of coordination of activity of structural divisions of the SPF. From April to September of this year he held the position of chief of staff of the Fund. September 6, the Cabinet appointed Trubarova the acting head of the SPFU.

WHAT HAPPENED. Today attorney Lutsenko on his page in Facebook reported that employees of GPU questioned the acting head of the state property Fund Trubarova. According to Lutsenko, in 2010, the then Minister of agrarian policy Prisyazhnyuk and his protege (Trebarov, – ed.) “I decided to create a Brasserie-style restaurant right at the premises of the Ministry in Kyiv, of course, freely.” “They operated through a leasing scheme with the right of privatization, with better facilities. Of course, repairs were only on paper. And I needed those papers for signing illegal transactions on purchase and sale of government premises to the private company”, – said the Prosecutor General. According to Lutsenko, yesterday Trebarov should be arrested, but “the law provides for the transfer of this case and the ready suspicion of NABOO, which he did”.

THE DETAILS OF THE CASE. We are talking about illegal privatization of premises in the building of the Ministry of agriculture in the center of Kiev. In 2010, the Minister of agrarian policy Prisyazhnyuk created GP Agroinvest, which on balance moved a building area of 11 646 sq. m at Khreschatyk street, 24. Part of this space 516,6 sqm rented Krona, OOO-2 for the deployment of the restaurant of the CHATEAU.

In the period from 5 October 2010 to 7 February 2011, stated unidentified person of Krona, OOO-2 decided to conduct the illegal privatization, transferring the property for rent with option to purchase allegedly “integral improvement of the leased non-residential premises”.

In October 2011, the then head of the RO of the state property Fund in Kiev Trebarov signed a lease agreement with KFS in the person of the Director Podkidnogo A. M., with the participation of GP Agroinvest. Was an official act of transfer and acceptance. In June 2013 the parties signed the contract of sale. The buyer paid only the cost of the state share of the object of 13.05 million UAH, “forgetting” about the “integral improvement of the facility lease”.

According to investigators, the state suffered material damage in the amount of UAH 4.2 million. The Prosecutor General’s office States that it Trebarov not held under control measures and signed the illegal contract.

He is suspected of committing a criminal offense under part 2 St. 364 criminal code of Ukraine – abuse of power or official position. Punishment provides imprisonment for the term from five till eight years.

In June 2017, former Minister Prisyazhnyuk and two other persons it is declared suspicion in illegal privatization belonging to the Ministry with the area 516,6 sqm on the street 24. The case is being investigated under part 2 of article 364 (as amended on 07.04.2011), part 3, part 5 article 27, part 2, article 233, part 3, part 5 article 27, part 3 of article 209 of the criminal code of Ukraine. Prysiazhniuk is wanted in the spring of 2014

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