Today it became known that the Prosecutor General’s office checks the involvement of the Minister of Finance Alexander Danilyuk, as well as two other employees of the Ministry of Finance to crimes fugitive ex-dictator, Viktor Yanukovych. Before it was reported that the GPU in conjunction with the State fiscal service is interested in how danyluk pay taxes. Chronology of conflict between the Minister, security officials and the tax authorities – in the material

Danyluk vs. Nasirov

The conflict between the Finance Ministry and the SFS has existed since the beginning of the year. In February danyluk harshly criticized the work of the Ministry, which was headed by Roman Nasirov. Special attention of the Minister was drawn to the trip Nasirov at the inauguration of the President of the United States Donald trump. He said that this visit cost Nasirova $250 million and asked NAPC and the NAB to study the details of the trip. The Minister also called for the involvement Nasirova to disciplinary action for failure to comply with the GFS several KPIs.

March 3, NABU and SAP Nasirova arrested on suspicion of involvement in the “gas diagrams” the fugitive Deputy of Oleksandr Onishchenko. From the position he was removed. While danyluk, commenting on the situation, said that he sees no legal grounds for dismissal Nasirov. According to the Minister, he tried to dismiss his subordinate before the opening of criminal proceedings.


And in mid-July the Pechersky regional court of Kiev has determined that there is reason to suspect the Finance Minister in tax evasion. Danyluk in the period 2010-2014 he held the position of head of the coordination center for introduction of economic reforms in AP.

According to the tax information about income, danyluk received during this period income in the amount of 556,16 thousand UAH. In the same period he bought a house with an area of 290 sq. m for 2.54 million UAH and BMW X5. Also in 2014, danyluk made a Deposit to the account in PJSC “Ukrsotsbank” in the amount of 519,666 thousand UAH.

Two weeks later it became known that the danyluk test how the taxpayer will handle the GPU. The Minister on his page in Facebook turned to the SFS with a request to verify the payment of taxes.

In addition, the Minister of Finance has requested NACP to provide clarification regarding a potential conflict of interest. The duties of the Minister of Finance are responsible for coordinating activities of the SFS.

September and the IMF

In early September, the media quoted sources in the Cabinet said that the Prosecutor General’s office closed the criminal proceedings against the Minister of Finance. But the GPU this information was refuted the very next day.

These messages Minister in any way did not comment. There were no reports from the tax authorities. About the history of the forgotten two months.

In mid-September came to Kiev the first Deputy head of the IMF David Lipton. It gives reason to associate the suspension of proceedings against danyluk is with the visit Lipton.


The end of October-beginning of November was marked by the news that this year the next tranche from the IMF, Ukraine will not wait.

And in the beginning of this week the Minister of Finance in Facebook wrote that the tax investigation against him was restored, despite the closure of the case of the GPU. “And most importantly, it was restored immediately after I released information about abuse in the state of Kiev in the hundreds of millions UAH, and tasked the head of the SFS to ensure the investigation and to dismiss involved”, he added.

According to an old tradition from mentioned departments there was no comment. Until today it became clear that it is not only the BMW X5 and the account in Ukrsotsbank.

From the decision of the Shevchenko district court, dated October 27, it follows that the Minister, his Deputy Yuriy Butsa, and the state Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Evgeny Kapinus can be involved in the machinations of fugitive ex-dictator Viktor Yanukovych and his entourage.

As mentioned above, 2010-2015 danyluk led the centre on the implementation of reforms in AP. Butz and Kapinus, as now, were his subordinates. “We are talking about employees (coordinating center – ed), which later established the charitable organization reform and the Center for free economy them. Kakha Bendukidze” – says the court.

According to the unified register of legal entities and natural persons-entrepreneurs, the founders of the reform are danyluk, Kapinus, Buts, and Yana Bugrimova, Natalia Kirichenko, Anna Ruda and Alexander Sayenko. The founders of the Center for free economy them. Kakha Bendukidze is danyluk, together with Julia Tychkowski, Vladimir Fedorin and Mikhail Saakashvili.

Interestingly, a few hours later after the announcement, SAP announced that approved the indictment in criminal proceedings on suspicion Nasirov. He is charged with abuse of power and official position (article 364 of the criminal code) and forgery (article 366 criminal code).

The Minister of Finance the situation is not yet commented.

Just business. Why danyluk fell under the scope of law enforcement 10.11.2017

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