The city, which will host the Eurovision song contest-2017, will be called until September. This was stated by Vice Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kirilenko on channel 5.

“The situation is not critical, the city will be determined. I think before September is already going to happen,” said Deputy Prime Minister.

According to Kirilenko, the Eurovision costly: it costs from the state budget and local budgets, it is logistics that must be provided at the level, so to avoid mistakes, it is better to take 5-7 days pause, and then announce the winning city.

According to him, the best chance to take the Eurovision song contest-2017 in Kiev.

“The whole affair of financial and structural ability. Don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I will say that it will be a great Ukrainian city, which is the most ready,” said Kirilenko.

According to the Vice Prime Minister, the results of the competition can declare himself the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman.

In turn, the head of National TV company Zurab Alasania (TV organizes competition) said in Facebook that now Eurovision is about the same in Kiev and Odessa. “Two of the three cities have significant advantages: Kyiv and Odessa,” wrote Alasania.

25 August briefing to the Cabinet regarding the announcement of the winner of selection of the host city of the Eurovision song contest – 2017 was cancelled.

After that Alasania explained the delay in determining the host city of the competition problems in the organization. He noted that the working group of the organizing Committee while took a time-out for clarification and revision joint positions with the cities.

“The organizing Committee would call the host city on 25 August, and then to lay all the responsibility on the same city, such as” proposed – follow. But this is wrong – we are doing this contest together, the whole country, and if you make the choice, it must be responsible for also the whole country – and before the European broadcasting Union, and the participants of Eurovision, and in front of the fans that will come to us. Therefore, the organizing Committee has postponed a decision in a little bit, because it is better to delay the announcement of the winner selection, than not know how to solve a lot of problems for the organization,” – said General Director of NTU.

According to him, among the three contenders for two city took the lead with Kiev and Odessa, and they have a lot of advantages but there are disadvantages, moreover, substantial, and which address these shortcomings are proposed, and will depend on who will hold the contest.

“The working group of the organizing Committee will clarify all the issues to finalize the spaces together with the cities, and hopefully very soon we will know, which will host the Eurovision song contest. I think informed choice is more important than a few days or weeks of waiting,” – said Alasania.

May 15, Ukrainian singer Jamal with the song 1944, devoted to deportation of the Crimean Tatar people, won the Eurovision song contest 2016 in Stockholm, which set the contest in 2017 in Ukraine.

Kirilenko said when will determine the host city for the Eurovision 26.08.2016

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