Between Russia and Ukraine is a classic “hybrid hot war”, and the temporarily occupied territory of Donbass, the Kremlin needs only to not give the country to build a democratic and developed country. Such opinion in interview to the Russian radio station Echo of Moscow was expressed by the Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin.

“The cold war was many years ago between the Soviet Union and the West. Unfortunately, this is between Russia and Ukraine – ed.) not the cold war, and hot, in the sense that it’s a hybrid of aggression, which did not occur previously be. It exists in all spheres – military, through the economy, through propaganda, unfortunately, through relationships, through their perception,” said the Minister.

For this reason, the current policy of the Kremlin towards Ukraine, according to Klimkin, the “classic hybrid hot war.”

“(The war – ed.) conducted, since the occupation of Crimea, and now through the actual occupation of Donbass and attempt to create a Russian protectorate. I don’t know why it is necessary for Russia, but it is an attempt of the Russian protectorate, the desire to legitimize and then, as a kind of Trojan horse to be used for further destabilization in Ukraine”, – said the Minister.

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According to Klimkin, Russia went to war against Ukraine in order not to give the country away from Moscow’s influence, and for the purpose of redistribution of spheres of influence in the world.

“Because I think that Russia Donbass do not need (he does not need Russia, by definition, but this, of course, you can debate and, apparently, not everyone in Russia agree with me), then everything that is happening around the Donbass, is an attempt to destabilize Ukraine not only as a state but as a society that builds itself in the logic of democratic and European values; and attempt to come based on this series of phantoms to a restart of Yalta, redistribution is a bit simplistic, but, however, the most diverse spheres of influence,” he said.

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Klimkin: Donbass for Russia – a Trojan horse to destabilize Ukraine 30.08.2016

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