The Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin expressed the opinion that the system of electronic Declaration in Ukraine in full view to start work by the end of the month. About this Klimkin said on air of the 5th channel.

According to Klimkin, the system must be stable, otherwise the applied software is not enough perfect, and then a hacker or by accident, or someone is deliberately hires him will penetrate in the system, then all system will be called into question”.

“So it will work almost perfectly, or we need to work to ensure that the whole system was running at the right time. And I really hope that in next days it will work, software will be improved, in NACP, GTSI and it will be 100% running before the end of the month,” – said Klimkin.

The foreign Minister stressed that in the first place the system of e-Declaration of need Ukraine as an element of the fight against corruption. “Of course, all these things are very important, but electronic Declaration should work for Ukraine”, – said the Minister.

On 12 August the State refused to certify the system. August 13, NACP said that without certificate of State special communication service, the system will not work, and the latter said that a new examination is necessary “about two months”.

At midnight on 15 August 2016, the NACP launched the electronic Declaration system without certification of the state service of special communications.

Today the EU delegation issued a statement, urging the Ukrainian authorities to promptly ensure the full functioning of the system of e-Declaration.

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Klimkin sure that the e-Declaration will be launched by the end of August 18.08.2016

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