The head of national police Sergey Knyazev said that if a volunteer ATO Aminu Okueva guarded, injured in an attack at her would have been more. This Knyazev said in an interview with Hromadske.

“Security is not only the physical component. By the way, this is the small segment of protection of security of participants of trial or the investigation of a particular production. If you have physical protection in the time of the crime victims would be more,” – said Knyazev.

“When I shot the car, the criminals did not exist I wonder how many people they kill. They shot in the car, which was their goal. Therefore these insinuations about the presence or absence of physical security, helicopters or quadrocopters – nonsense”, – said the head of national police.

Earlier, a spokesman for the national police of Ukraine Yaroslav was Trakalo said that Okueva with her husband Adam Osmayev refused protection.

After that, Osman said that he and AquaWay refused from the state security. “Actually it was not so. We were warned that the protection is only up to a certain time,” he said. According to him, they signed a document stating that protection is granted for a specified period.

Knyazev: If Okueva guarded, victims would be more 09.11.2017

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