The European Union should block the gas pipeline project Nord stream-2, which will give the Kremlin’s geopolitical and financial leverage on Germany, Poland and Slovakia. This was stated by the head of Naftogaz of Ukraine Andriy Kobolyev in an interview with Reuters.

“We urge our European partners to try to look not on immediate consequences, and one step forward, what will happen later, after the Nord Stream-2 will be launched,” he said.

According to KOBOLEV, the annual capacity of the planned underwater pipeline, which is 55 billion cubic meters will lead to an equivalent drop in the volume of gas that now pumped through Ukraine and Poland, and will completely destroy this supply route. “I don’t think it has anything to do with diversification or an increase in security of supply. This means an increase of the dominant position of Gazprom in Europe,” – said the head of Naftogaz.

KOBOLEV said that European countries should be more careful in their decisions, leading to greater dependence on Russia. “When there is no Ukrainian route and Germany will be left with two Northern streams, Gazprom can use this for various ways of blackmail: higher prices, it can be geopolitical pressure, it can be blackmail other neighbors of Russia, such as Poland, Slovakia,” he said.

The head of Naftogaz said that Russia initiated the debate, to present Ukraine as an unreliable transit partner, and to convince Europe of the advantages of the alternative pipeline. “The real reason is that Russia uses this as a tool and weapon to advance their ideas,” he said.

KOBOLEV also said that Gazprom is not fulfilling its contractual obligations, in particular delivers gas at a lower than required pressure. This reduces the reliability of transit flows to Europe.

Recall, Ukraine for more than a year buys gas from Russia, relying on domestic production and reverse supply from Europe.

Recently KOBOLEV said that the Nord stream-2 frozen and its future is not clear.

Earlier it was reported that Gazprom will pay for the construction costs of the Nord stream gas pipeline 2, since the Austrian oil company OMV and other European partners refused to participate in the project.

Gazprom in 2017 plans to direct for financing of the construction of the Nord stream gas pipeline-2 of about 111 billion.

In December 2016, Gazprom said that they see risks to Finance the construction of the gas pipeline Nord stream-2. The head of gas holding Alexey Miller said that all of the participants have confirmed their participation in the project Nord stream-2, and that the project is implemented on schedule.

On 25 October, the European Parliament adopted the “EU Strategy against LNG and storage facilities”, which States that the construction of Russian gas pipeline Nord stream-2 is contrary to the interests of the European Union.

Project Nord stream-2 involves the construction of two pipelines to bypass Ukraine with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas off the coast of Russia through the Baltic sea to Germany.

KOBOLEV urged the EU to block the project Nord stream-2 30.01.2017

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