In a week or two the court will make a decision on the expiry of period of limitation proceedings relating to confiscation of 2.3 million UAH of illegal contributions in support of the Freedom party. This forecast n his page on Facebook was made head of the NACP Natalia Korchak.

“From the “new” judicial practice: first, the judge takes more than a month on vacation, and then receives the petition for postponement due to the fact that the defendant was on leave. While the validity of the NACP is composed of the Protocol on the confiscation of the freedom of the more than 2.3 million UAH of illegal contributions in support of the party expires. And in a week or two the court will take the next “fair”, and most importantly, legitimate the decision of “Statute of limitations,” wrote Korczak.

In her opinion, judges continue to protect the corruption.

“So who is to blame and what to do? And why today, during the judicial reform, judges continue to find ways and mechanisms do not counteract the corruption and its destruction and of its protection?” – added the head of the NACP.

Earlier Korczak said that the case of the Freedom party will be considered in court on 4 September.

In the analysis of financial reports IN Freedom for the fourth quarter of 2016 was discovered inconsistencies between the names of the persons carrying on financial contributions in support of the party, the report of the political power and Bank statements. 11 payments for a total amount of 2.34 million UAH was made by the accountant of the party Yaroslav Plasacom.

Korczak the confiscation of 2.3 million of Liberty: the courts protecting the corruption 05.09.2017

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