The constitutional court declared unconstitutional and lifted the ban the people who voted for the so-called dictatorial laws on 16 January 2014, to lead institutions of higher education. The text of the decision of the CCU dated 20 Dec 2017 posted on the court’s website.

With the petition about recognition unconstitutional the relevant provisions of the law on higher education in the judicial authority asked 49 people’s deputies.

“To be recognized as not corresponding to the Constitution of Ukraine (unconstitutional) item 7 of part 2 of article 42 of the law on higher education dated July 1, 2014, №1556-VII with changes whereby not may be chosen as assigned (including acting) for the office of the head of the institutions of higher education a person “who voted for dictatorial laws 16 January 2014”, – stated in the CCU decision.

It is noted that this paragraph of the law loses force from the date of recognition of it unconstitutional, that is, from December 20, 2017. The CCU decision is necessary, is final and not subject to appeal.

In the reasoning part of the judgment document, in particular, refers to article 80 of the Constitution on the lifetime ban to pursue the MP and bring him to legal responsibility for the results of the voting in the Verkhovna Rada, with the exception of liability for insult or defamation.

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Also, the LCP notes that “dictatorial laws 16 January 2014” is the code name of the laws adopted by the Parliament on a specified day. This time the basis for all legislative acts adopted that day, so “it is impossible to clearly establish which of them are classified as “dictatorial”.

January 16, 2014, in the midst of the revolution of dignity, is Pleased with the gross violation of the rules and procedures adopted a package of laws, which later were called “dictatorial”. In particular, the Parliament has tightened restrictions on the holding of mass protests, has tightened requirements for operators to provide communication and Internet, has introduced criminal liability for libel and extremism, the tightened requirements on the media.

The laws were a reaction to the then government of Viktor Yanukovych and the Party of regions to protest the protesters. 28 Jan 2014 most of the dictatorship laws were cancelled.

KSU allowed to vote for the dictatorial laws to be rectors 21.12.2017

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