Permanent representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe Dmitry Kuleba says that long ago warned European colleagues about the inevitability of a new wave of Russian aggression in the Donbass. Despite the apparent calm of recent months, Russia and its plans have not changed, said Kuleba in the comments ЛІГА.net. At the same time, it is impossible to say whether a new wave of shelling the Ukrainian territory with the recent conversation between Vladimir Putin and Donald trump.

“Aggravation in the town, undoubtedly, not by chance, but I don’t have enough information to hold any connection with the conversation Putin and trump. We proceeded from the fact that the deterioration is inevitable, because Russia is their aggressive plans have not changed. The Council of Europe, I have repeatedly talked about this: a new wave of aggression – this is a matter of time,” – said the diplomat.

According to Kuleba, the Russian leadership thus validates the international community expects the reaction to a kind of “temperature measurements”. If the West’s reaction to the military escalation will be stiff enough, it motivates Putin to further aggression.

“Now you need to carefully monitor the reaction of our partners in Europe and the United States, and work to this reaction was. I am sure that for the Kremlin – the aggravation is a measurement of temperature in transatlantic Commerce,” – said Kuleba.

“If the reaction will not be quite hard, it motivates Russia’s aggressive actions. I would not expect a new wave of sanctions, although the need for it becomes more obvious. At this stage the maximum opportunities for our partners is clear and sharp reaction at the political level,” he added.

We will remind, on 30 and 31 January 2017 hybrid Russian troops from artillery and Grad MLRS struck at the plant. As a result, the city was left without heat, electricity and water. Russian generals in SCCC block a ceasefire in the area.

In Goschs stated that tomorrow, February 1, may start the evacuation of the population of the Town. The head of the press service of Goschs in Donetsk region Veronica Bahal said that the decision to evacuate is still not accepted because of the attacks.

Kuleba: His silence motivates the West to the Russian aggression 01.02.2017

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