The ex-President of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski stated that the Smolensk plane crash of 2010, which killed Poland’s President in 2005-2010 Lech Kaczynski was an accident. He said this in an interview with 112 channel.

“All that is said before a government Commission, led by Mr. Miller – that’s all right. It was an accident, made a lot of mistakes. In my opinion, there was no explosion, no political conspiracy or something,” said Kwasniewski.

The ex-President of Poland said that in the crash killed many of his friends, including the former head of his administration. “I regret to see, as politically use this tragedy for so many years, I don’t expect eesche something serious you can find there,” – said Kwasniewski.

In early December the Minister of defence of Poland, Anthony Macierewicz said that the new Polish report on the circumstances of the Smolensk catastrophe will appear in the spring of 2018. The Minister stressed that it will be refuted key points of the previous Polish Commission of ex-interior Minister Jerzy Miller that the plane went below the level of safe decision-making about the withdrawal in the second round that in the cockpit were outsiders, and most importantly, that onboard the plane there was no explosion.

December 14, the Deputy foreign Minister of Poland Bartosz Tsihotsky said that the Russian secret key witnesses and does not give Poland a broken government Tu-154M, which slows the truth about the circumstances of the Smolensk catastrophe and forcing Warsaw to reflect on the real intentions of the Russian side.

April 10, 2010 plane Tu-154 of the Polish President crashed during landing near the Russian Smolensk. All 96 people aboard, including the then Polish leader Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria were killed.

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Kwasniewski: the Smolensk disaster was an accident 24.12.2017

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