Lawyer abducted in Belarus, Pavel Mushroom Evgenia Zakrevskaya appealed to the European court of human rights to intervene in the situation with the disappearance of a Ukrainian, which allegedly involved the Russian special services. This is with reference to her statement the Agency reports Radio Liberty.

The lawyer explained that the whereabouts of her client remains unknown. Zakrevsky says – because of his health problems have disappeared Ukrainian, “there is reason to talk about the threat to his life.”

“We actually filed a complaint with the European court of human rights on the application of urgent measures in order to rule 39. We believe that Russia directly on this point violates such rights Pavel Mushroom-like right to freedom, right to nepodvizhnye torture and a direct threat to his life,” she said.

The lawyer called the official Minsk to withdraw with a video camera for a possible itinerary of the Fungus. In her opinion, this will help clarify the circumstances of his disappearance.

In the case if Belarus will not effectively cooperate with law enforcement agencies from Ukraine, we can talk about the involvement of the authorities of this country to the crime, said Zakrevsky.

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28 August 2017 military chaplain Igor Grib, said that his 19-year-old son Paul went to Belarus on 24 August, and disappeared. Homel security officials told the father that his son “wanted for terrorist activity” (the initiator of the FSB of Russia in Krasnodar Krai, Sochi), however, have not confirmed the detention. The Ukrainian Consul in Minsk also said that Paul the Mushroom does not appear in the lists of the detainees in the jail of Belarus.

Himself the chaplain believes that Paul was kidnapped by the Russian secret service. In ATU the son of a former border guard did not participate, as has a disability.

According to the girl, to which Paul went in Gomel, she was forced to lure the Ukrainian in Belarus, the Russian special services.

Lawyer abducted in Belarus, Ukrainian Mushroom appealed to the ECHR 04.09.2017

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