The presidential candidate of the French party national front, marine Le Pen announced on Saturday, April 29 that, if elected President, the future Prime Minister of the country will become the founder of the party get Up, France! Nicolas DuPont-Aignan. It is reported by RFI.

Suverenost Nicolas DuPont-Aignan also participated in the presidential elections and took the sixth place with 4.7 percent of votes. Dithering and follower of General de Gaulle (as he calls himself) DuPont-Aignan was supported on the eve of the candidacy of marine Le Pen in the second round.

During the joint press conference of marine Le Pen explained his choice “a rare ability to say no and not give in to the moment when the future of the country.” “This is a historic day because we put the interests of France above those of the individual,” added in turn the DuPont-Aignan.

Nicolas DuPont-Aignan was almost the only candidate to support in the second round of marine Le Pen. Republican françois Fillon, who scored in the first round 20% of the vote, and socialist Benoit Hamon, scored 6.4% of votes, called for a vote for the ex-economy Minister Emmanuel Macron. The leader of the radical left Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who scored in the first round of 19.6% of the vote, did not give advice to his supporters regarding the second round.

Another contender for the elysée Palace, centrist Emmanuel macron has not yet announced who, if he wins, will be included in the new government. The second round of presidential elections will be held in France on 7 may. Opinion polls predict the victory of the Makron with a score of 59%.

Earlier, about 30 French media have signed a petition condemning the decision of the national front party, whose leader is the candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen, to choose a certain media that can accompany Le Pen.

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Le Pen called the name of the Prime Minister of France in the event of his victory 30.04.2017

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