The Institute of mass information (IMI) called, UKRINFORM Ukrainian truth leaders on compliance with journalistic standards at the end of 2017. These are the results of Institute research publications in print and online media.

Monitored compliance with journalistic standards and the availability of materials with the signs of the order were ten popular online publications (, Ukrainian Pravda, UNIAN, UKRINFORM, the Correspondent,,, Stranaya Browser and and six print media (News, Today, KP in Ukraine, the Facts, the Mirror of the week and New time).

It is noted that for the year 2017 in the online media often violated the standards of balance and accuracy: approximately 12% of the material in them was unbalanced and inaccurate. The separation of facts from comments violated an average of 9% of the news, talking to THEM.

The study also showed that print media often violate the standard of reliability is 26% of the materials. Standards of balance and separating facts from comments violated on average in 18% of printed materials.


“Most posted custom materials during the year of the online edition of the Browser, and UNIAN, and in the print newspaper Today that the mark is in violation of the law”, – noted in THEM.

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According to the study, the ratio of political and commercial jeans at the end of the year, online media was 86% to 14% with a significant political advantage. In printed editions of parity – 50% political, and the same jeans commercial.

November 2, 2017 it was reported that the news Agency LigaBusinessInform filed a lawsuit against Galina Plachinda, which is June 23, 2017 in your Facebook published a report stating that at the website you can place jeans. leaders in standards of journalism – THEY 22.12.2017

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