In the State Duma of Russia recognized Ukraine as illegitimate, argue about the need to “return” Russian land in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. According to an UNIAN correspondent, this idea at the round table in the lower house of the Russian Parliament on the problems of Russian compatriots expressed by the so-called state Duma Deputy from the occupied Crimea Paul Speraw.

“We’re a big country and needs to protect its interests around the world by all available forces. We have enough forces, it is necessary to conduct propaganda, all is not lost in the so-called near abroad”, – he said.

In particular, gedeutet noted that the Russian-populated Northern regions of Kazakhstan are “temporarily separated” from Russia.

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“When we, for example, in Kazakhstan called our compatriots of the Diaspora – this is our land, which are temporarily separated. Borders are not eternal and we go back to the borders of the Russian state. It will be in the near future,” said Speraw.

He also claims that can not be called “compatriots in the near abroad” “Diaspora,” since, therefore, “cut off from Russia, equating with compatriots in Australia”.

“What is originally ours – it’s ours. South Ural, South Siberia – this is our land. Army, new Russia, little Russia – this is our land, and we should conduct policy so that these lands are returned,” said pseudoallescheria.

According to Shperova, Russia “has lost Ukraine as a brotherly country”, “raised there of our enemies.”

He also said that from the occupied Crimea “expelled Crimeans supported the idea of the “Right sector”.

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Russia has occupied the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in 2014. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine officially declared on 20 February 2014 beginning of the temporary occupation of Crimea and Sevastopol by Russia. Key international organizations, including the UN General Assembly has condemned Russia’s actions and called the annexation and occupation of Crimea illegal. Against Russia were imposed economic sanctions. For the implementation by Moscow of the so-called parliamentary elections with the participation of the Crimea in 2016, the Parliament of Ukraine recognized the Russian state Duma is illegitimate.

21 January 2017 in several cities of Ukraine protests against Russian aggression, timed to coincide with the global initiative Stop Putin war in Ukrаine 3.

Longing for the Empire: the state Duma wants to return Russia “lost” land 27.01.2017

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