A powerful hurricane Irma, which has already caused devastation on some Islands in the Caribbean, held today at the Northern part of Puerto Rico. On the island the state of emergency, but evacuation is not carried out, although more than 1.5 million inhabitants sit without light, which may not be for a few days.

Yesterday a hurricane struck the Islands of Antigua and Barbuda, then moved to the French island of Saint-barthélemy and Saint-Martin. Of flood at least seven people have died in the French overseas territories, another in a deserted Barbuda. On Sint Maarten was hit by four of the most sustainable buildings.

According to meteorologists, wind gusts Irma reaches the speed of 295 km/h – this is the strongest hurricane in the region over the past 10 years, it is more powerful than hurricane Harvey, who previously staged the destruction in Texas.

On the island of Key West in Florida is carried out the evacuation, in the state declared a state of emergency.

#HuracanIrma Reportero de radio RCI Guadalupe @RCI_GP, Rinsy Xieng, divulga vídeo desde la costa de San Martin pic.twitter.com/NbhUwVphqJ

– Radio Nihuil (@radionihuil) 6 September 2017 R.

ACTUALIZACIÓN#SanMartin comenzando a sentir los primeros efectos del temible #HuracanIrma CAT-5 @MeteoExpress pic.twitter.com/82B2yfxEtk

– Temporada Ciclonica (@TemporadaCiclon) 6 September 2017 R.

LO ÚLTIMO | VIDEO – El poderoso #HuracanIrma ha arrasado este miercoles la isla de San Martin, ubicada en el mar Caribe #6Sep pic.twitter.com/ReJWdgJWgM

– Alberto Rodriguez (@AlbertoRT51) 6 September 2017 R.

Hotel Beach Plaza de #SaintMartin #IrmaHurricane #Irma #HuracanIrma pic.twitter.com/KDx5czfJvQ

– Kris. (@KrisKV) 6 September 2017 R.

#LIVE footage of #HurricaneIrma destroying https://t.co/TUjTdYPyRR in #StMaarten We will #rebuild! @sxmtweets pic.twitter.com/j2IoIGFSuH

– PTZtv (@PTZtv) 6 September 2017 R.

St. Thomas #Irma #HuracanIrmapic.twitter.com/V2Fd4w8umx

– Alex Rodriguez (@AlexRguezz) 6 September 2017 R.

#HuracanIrma Video muestra efectos del huracan en el hotel Beach Plaza de San Martin #PrimerasVoces #DeciNihuil pic.twitter.com/CbN4kqPJaT

– Radio Nihuil (@radionihuil) 6 September 2017 R.

Absolutely terrifying, and its not even hurricane winds yet… #HuracanIrma #PuertoRico pic.twitter.com/yWHsESDwcf

– KatrixLivvy! (@LolubyleS2631) 6 September 2017 R.

Vídeo del paso #Irma por isla Antigua y Barbuda #PrimerasVoces #DeciNihuil pic.twitter.com/ZVYI5fnmWJ

– Radio Nihuil (@radionihuil) 6 September 2017 R.

Animacion imagenes del VIS #GOES16 de esta manana. #HuracanIrma alcanzando la categoria 5, via @NOAASatellitePA pic.twitter.com/KmdcNLFbWo

– Cazatormentas.net (@ecazatormentas) 5 September 2017 R.

Meanwhile, in the West Atlantic was born two tropical storms that might develop into hurricanes.

Photos and videos: PTZtv, social networks and local television

Looks like hurricane Irma in the affected area of the disaster: eyewitness videos 07.09.2017

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