Israel will consider the possibility of extradition of the former Minister of energy Eduard Stavitsky of Ukraine. This was stated by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko in an interview with Daily Forum following the visit to Israel where he held meetings with defence Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman, the attorney General Shai Nitzan and the Minister of justice Ayelet shaked.

“Our request would be carefully considered. Israeli colleagues tell us about the possibility of extradition with the guarantee of serving a possible sentence Mr. Stavisky-Rosenberg in Israel. It is absolutely not a problem for our country”, – Lutsenko noted.

He also said that Ukraine could agree to the holding of the court in Israel. “But it’s too troublesome dealing with witnesses and other legal procedures”, – said Lutsenko.

The attorney General added that he considered it possible to offer Stavisky deal with the consequence of the situation which legally formalized in Ukraine. According to him, it will not remove the ex-Minister from punishment and confiscation, but may reduce the period of cooperation with the investigation and will shorten the procedure.

Lutsenko said that the decision on the request for the extradition of another ex-Minister Yanukovych regime – Dmitry Tabachnik – pending.

Earlier Stavitsky said that he was offered for the sum from $500 thousand to several million dollars “removing all issues” in Ukraine.

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Former energy Minister Eduard Stavitskiy was announced by the SBU in the search for another 23 APR 2014: he is charged with embezzlement of property or taking to them by abuse of official position. In early August 2014, he was announced wanted through Interpol.

Stavitsky is a criminal case opened on the facts of Commission of persons among the top leadership of the state of crimes under articles “assignment, property waste by abuse of official position in especially large sizes” and “legalization (laundering) of the incomes received by a criminal way”. Stavisky is considered to be the business partner of the family of fugitive ex-President Viktor Yanukovych.

In March 2014, during the searches in the private premises Stavisky security forces seized 42 kg of gold, $4.8 million in cash and the stones similar to diamonds. In may 2016, he stated that he is not ready to testify in Ukraine because he feared for his safety.

In mid-July 2016, the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine sent a request to Israel for the extradition of the former Minister of energy and coal industry Eduard Stavitsky.

Lutsenko: Israel will consider the possibility of extradition Stavisky 20.08.2016

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