In case of a victory on 7 may at the election of the President of France Emmanuel macron will seek European Union sanctions against Poland, which, according to the candidate of the centrist, violates the democratic principles of the unit. This is with reference to his words reported by Reuters.

Thus, says the source, macron intends to take the initiative to protect EU values. In an interview to several publications, he said that he was going to pursue a tough policy towards those countries which depart, in his view, from the main democratic principles of the unit.

“When the rights and values of the European Union are not respected, I want to take sanctions,” he said.

The nationalist government of Poland, says the Agency, in the last year in conflict with Brussels over a series of reforms in the country, who believe in the EU capital, weaken the independence of the judiciary and threatened to undermine democratic counterweights.

Also, the candidate for the President of France expressed discontent with the policies of the leadership of Poland and Hungary migrants the right to education and “fundamental values”. The Hungarian government had previously criticized the West for making edits to legislation that tightened rules on non-governmental organizations and foreign universities.

“If I am elected, within three months will be the solution for Poland. Not” – promised macron.

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In the first round of elections April 23, 2017 centrist and supporter of strengthening integration processes Emmanuel macron got 23.75% of the votes, an opponent of the EU from far-right marine Le Pen – 21,53%. The other candidates received less than 20% of the vote. Thus, in the second round were him and Le Pen.

After the vote, Le Pen promised voters to protect France from “unbridled globalization,” and urged to “shake off the shackles of arrogant elites”. Fillon urged his supporters to support in the second round of the Macron, and the leader of the race said that “patriots” must unite around him against the threat of “nationalists”.

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Makron: If I am elected, I will pursue sanctions against Poland 28.04.2017

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