The idea of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union is supported by 59% of respondents. One in four (26%) against, 11% undecided with the answer, and 4% would not take part in the referendum on the issue. These are the results of research conducted by the sociological group Rating.

According to analysts, the high level of support for joining the EU – in the West of Ukraine (81%), the lowest – in the East (39%).

Moreover, among supporters of the party, emphasize to the group Rating, the idea of joining the EU is supported by most supporters of the political forces Samopomich and the PPB, and the lowest level of support for European integration among sympathizers of the Opposition bloc and the party For life.

Ukraine’s accession to NATO would support the case of referendum 47% of the respondents, and would not support 36%.

Undecided on this matter 13% of respondents, while 4% would not take part in it.

As in the case of the accession to the EU, the highest level of integration in the Alliance in the West (71%), the lowest – in the East (25%).

The most ardent opponents of the idea of Ukraine’s entry into NATO are supporters of the opposition bloc, and For life.

The survey was conducted between 22 and 30 November 2017 among 2,000 Ukrainians from 18 years and older using personal interviews with an error of less than 2.2%. The study was conducted in the temporarily occupied territory of the country.

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In mid-November 2017, citing data from a recent survey of Kyiv international Institute of sociology, Deputy Prime Minister for European integration Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze said that Ukraine’s accession to the EU support 57% of Ukrainians, NATO is 62%.

In mid-September a survey company Kantar Public order YES showed that 58% of Europeans support Ukraine’s accession to NATO and 48% in favor of Ukraine’s accession to the EU.

According to the survey, four sociological centers (KIIS, Rating, SOTSIS and the Center. Razumkov), held in June, 66% of Ukrainians were ready to vote for membership in the EU and 56% of membership in NATO.

In August 2015, according to the survey group Rating membership in the EU and NATO had the support of 55% and 41% of Ukrainians respectively.

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