About $40 thousand collected in the framework of a crowdfunding campaign to help the athlete-a marathon runner from Ethiopia FAIS Liles that at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro won the silver medal. Finishing, the athlete crossed his arms over his head in the gesture that African people use the Oromo as a protest against the actions of the government of Ethiopia, writes service Bi-bi-si.

The athlete said that after that he could be killed upon returning home, as he publicly supported protests against the government. According to him, many of his relatives are in jail and may be killed. However, his wife and children remain in Ethiopia. At the same time, the Ethiopian government argues that the Olympic medallist from the Oromo people at home “will be welcomed as a hero,” although state-run media do not show pictures Lilesa with the finish line of the marathon.

Page to collect donations appeared a few hours after the finish of the marathon: it is the athlete called the “international character” of the protests of the Oromo people. Initially to help Lilesa planned to raise $10 thousand, but within hours the amount of donations was higher.

According to the rules of the Olympic games, the competition is prohibited manifestation of political views. The international Olympic Committee is now studying the case Lilesa, who was born in a farmer’s family in the village Tullu Bultema, about 100 kilometers from Addis Ababa.

Photo: EPA

In recent months, according to Ethiopia swept the series the biggest in a quarter century of protests in connection with the actions of the government. The discontent was caused by the attempts of the government to expand the capital Addis Ababa at the expense of lands of Oromia and Amhara, which are mainly the Oromo people live. This was the reason for the unrest by the ethnic group, which for many years complained that the government ignores its needs and virtually excluded from political and economic processes in the country.

According to human rights Human Rights Watch that during the protests more than 400 members of the Oromo were killed by security forces. Ethiopian authorities do not agree with this figure.

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Marathoner from Ethiopia raising money for political asylum 23.08.2016

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