The armed forces of Ukraine more than two years, was well prepared to inflict “huge losses” Russian occupying troops, if the Kremlin decides to break land corridor to the annexed Crimea. This was stated by the General and the representative of Ukraine at the talks in Minsk Yevhen Marchuk, writes UKRINFORM.

“Mariupol direction for Russia is strategically important, but I think she now will not go to the breakthrough of the corridor, because it is necessary to go on the offensive, to use aircraft and artillery to “grind” this whole corridor, but it would still be narrow. Besides, we already have all their artillery and so forth, not to mention the fact that there mined what we need,” he said.

Two and a half years of war, the Ukrainian military was “prepared very seriously,” said Marchuk. “Therefore, if Russia dares to break through the corridor, it will incur huge losses, because it would not be a surprise for Ukraine,” he added.

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The General noted, this narrow corridor to Russia will keep, and in a state of military operation is very difficult, because fighting on our side will be absolutely justified.” At the same time, said Marchuk, now to predict that, “they say, all will be good and even what I say, that will not be a breakthrough very difficult.

“From the point of view of common sense, military approaches, the international assessment of Russia’s behavior that can’t be. But some stupidity is either random, or like the so-called acts of sabotage allegedly by the Ukrainian terrorists could launch such a dynamic, which can lead anywhere”, he said.

Earlier, Marchuk said that a military solution to Russian aggression in the Donbass no.

Marchuk: Russia will suffer huge losses, punching corridor to the Crimea 19.08.2016

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